Terms of Service (TOS)

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Please read in full before commissioning a fursuit from me, by commissioning me you agree to all terms outlined below, regardless of if you have read it or not.


To start your commission I require a 25% deposit. This is non refundable under any circumstances. The deposit lets me know that you are serious. Payment must be payed through PayPal, Zelle, or money order. All payments must be payed in USD. The order must be fully payed before I ship it to you.


I give quotes for free during commission openings and for $1 during closed times. If your character is too complex for me to make, I will refund your quote. After you have recived a quote you can send a formal request to purchase a costume at the quoted amount to me via email. You must have a quote to submit the formal request and you must offer at or above the quoted amount. Fees due to payment platforms are not included in the quote and will be calculated after the offer is accepted. Quotes are non-refundable even if you decide not to send a formal request. The only kind of commission that does not require a quote is artistic liberty commissions.

Media Rights

All character rights remain the intellectual property of the commissioner, Although I reserve the right to use photos/videos of my work in promotional uses, and educational uses.

Character Reference

Custom characters are required to have a clear 2 view minimum reference sheet of the character that they are commissioning. You must have a clear view of the front, back, arms, legs, tail, and head. All markings must be consistent between views. Some of the colors of the character you have chosen I may not have access to in fur fabric. If this is the case that I do not have a matching color, I will choose the best match that I have. I may ask for your input, but it is up to my sole discretion what colors I choose to use. The colors you get may not be exactly the same as on the character, but I will try my best. By commissioning me you understand that I have my own style and will make your character into a costume in my own style. I will not copy another maker's style, and I will not copy the style of the reference sheet for your character, so there may be very slight changes to the design.


I can ship anywhere in the USA. I will provide a tracking number for the package. I am not responsible for any damages that may happen during shipping. I am not responsible if the package gets lost in the post. Please ask about international shipping. International shipping will be at buyers expence and I cannot ship everywhere in the world. Shipping is at buyers expense.

Working with minors

I will make suits for minors (those under the age of 18 years) but I require all communication and payments to be through their parents or legal guardian or other adult. Please if you are under 18 and want a suit do not contact me directly, have a parent contact me. I will under no circumstances make "adult modifications" to suits for minors.


I offer free repairs to suits for 2 months after they have been shipped to the client. This only covers problems that are the result of mistakes on my part, such as holes that I missed or seams that break soon after arrival. I will NOT fix problems in the costume cause by rough handling or incorrect care to the costume. If you modify the costume yourself the warranty is void. If you sell the costume before the two month period, the warranty is void. After the two month free repair period, I can fix the suit at your expense, or walk you through how to fix it yourself if the problem is minor.


I do not accept returns. This applies to custom AND premade costumes.

Changes to your character

If you decide to change your character before I have ordered materials for the suit, and the design is deemed of the same value or lesser to make by me, then there will be no additional fees. If I have already started the commission then I reserve the right to refuse to use a new character design. I may decide to implement the character changes if so it will be billed on a case-by-case basis.


If you cancle before I've started work I can give you all your money back minus the downpayment and transaction fees. If I've already started work I cannot give you any refund. If you recive your costume and you unhappy with it I cannot give you any refund.


You may not cancel an order after I have started work. If you cancel, back out, or are unable to complete payment I will not issue any refund. If I try to get a hold of you through e-mail, direct messaging systems or any other form of communication and you are unresponsive for 60 or more days, I will consider your order cancelled. If you cancel an order I will take whatever I was making for you and sell it as a premade with changes to the design.

Legality Disputes

Any legal proceedings, or disputes must be settled within the state of Washington in King county.

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Characters, pictures, and indicia are trademarks of Rita Fox UNLESS stated otherwise.