Services and Pricing (Starting Rates)

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Features of my costumes:

  • My costumes are generally small and form fitting.
  • My costumes can have wig hair, or use-your-own-hair, or just a regular head.
  • All my cotumes are handmade
  • I can make specially placed holes and zippers upon request

How to commission

  1. Please visit my Etsy store linked on the front page to buy a quote.
  2. These are STARTING PRICES Quotes do not cover Shipping or payment processing fees. To avoid fees please pay by money order.
  3. Please Note! The reference on your character must have at least a back and a front with clear, consistant markings between angles. I am not responsible for inacuracies on the suit due to out-dated or inacurrate reference sheets. Please make sure your character design is clear, consistent, and up-to-date.
  4. Head Only

    $475 USD

    Mini Partial (head hands and tail)

    $675 USD

    Full Partial (head, hands, feet and tail) :

    $975 USD

    Fullsuit plantigrade (head, hands, tail, feet and body suit) :

    $1975 USD

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